In Episode 167 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I have a conversation with Dr Murray Orr as he shares his journey of going 100% digital in his own practice. So, if you haven’t started with digital workflows yet or if you already have this, this chat will help you take it to the next level. He shares how he started out in the industry, the common pitfalls to look out for and the importance of knowing your “why” to build a workflow that’s right for you and your practice.

Dr Murray Orr is a Dentist & KOL and Founder of CAD ART, Heal Dental Care and StuDental. He provides consulting services to practice owners, dentists and clinical teams for the implementation and integration of CAD CAM (CEREC and others) into their dental practice.


In this episode we discuss:

  • 01:31: Dr Murray Orr’s journey from how he found himself in this industry, started with digital workflows, and implemented it 100% in his own practice.
  • 12:30: Mastery is about immersion and investing time. The power of your networks and relationships to your business.
  • 1520: Introducing a form of digital workflow into your practice without spending too much.
  • 20:30: The importance of knowing the value and the “why” of having a digital workflow in your practice.
  • 22:40: The most common pitfalls in implementing a digital workflow.
  • 27:57: Recap of the essential thoughts that Dr Murray Orr shared with us.
  • 30:25: Mastery takes time and precedes profitability.
  • 31:44: Building your own workflow that works for you, your nature or your practice.
  • 36:40: Scaling your practice.
  • 37:30: Information on taking Dr Murray Orr’s course.
  • 39:13: Last words of wisdom from Dr Murray about getting into digital.

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