In today’s episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I’ve invited Andy and Angela Smith of Dr. Drip Plumbing and Lifestyle Tradie, a coaching business, to talk about getting off the tools. We touch on the topics of getting systems in place, creating not just profitability but time, the challenges of scaling and selling up. Andy and Ange give us practical lessons, tips and strategies you can implement in your dental practice today. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:10] The process of writing their book called Startup, Scale Up, Sell Up and what prompted them to write it.
  • [5:19] Foundational pieces needed for a trade business.
  • [08:22] Trusting your team enough to build a business and free up your time.
  • [12:21] Things you need to think about to scale up.
  • [15:18] Overcoming emotional, upset or difficulty to continue the journey through scaling up.
  • [19:38] Number one piece of advice for working with teams
  • [22:06] What it means to sell up.
  • [26:12] The difficulties with multi-business and multi-practice ownerships.
  • [28:45] Starting and setting up the training process in your business.
  • [30:51] Starting their Doctor Drip business and the realisations they had when running the business.
  • [38:52] Best advice from Andy and Ange.

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