Getting out of bed each morning and taking your best self to work doesn’t happen by accident. Rather than trying to dig deep and find motivation, it’s a matter of discipline that allows you to build momentum.

In today’s episode, Jesse sits down with good mate Tyson Franklin. Tyson is a successful Podiatrist, author, business coach and host of his own podcast Podiatry Legends. 

Jesse and Tyson take you on a conversation filled with laughs and wisdom from both their own experiences and from the many guests they’ve interviewed. 

At the core of this episode is how to view your business as much more than just the service you provide in dentistry. By thinking, seeing and feeling differently your world can change dramatically. Let’s catch up with Jesse and Tyson.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [13:13] – How repetition pays off in any business. You have to do the right work in the right areas to make the magic happen.
  • [15:57] – A positive mindset is an easy thing to say and we all want it but how do you cultivate it consistently? Jesse and Tyson discuss why surrounding yourself with people who motivate you is crucial. Be that person who makes others feel better after any interaction.
  • [20:45] – Core values go to the heart of any business and define how you will go about building your business. Like brand qualities they need to be defined, articulated and demonstrated consistently. An important core value for both Jesse and Tyson is around fun.
  • [41.07] Learning from other people has been a key pillar to success for both Jesse and Tyson. Hear about the types of people they gravitate towards and why asking great questions and listening can be revolutionary for any business.


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