Daniel Gibbs is the director of Posture Podiatry.

He has developed a method of care that has benefited thousands of clients including Olympic Athletes and the Australian Dance Theatre. Although no longer consulting with clients directly, Daniel continues to works closely with the team of practitioners at Posture Podiatry to ensure the highest level of care for every guest of the clinic.

Daniel is also the founding director of clinicmastery.com which is an education company for health professionals.  And he is a winner of the Telstra Business Awards.

Daniel has been invited to give keynote presentations to health professionals and business owners in various fields, and  works with clinics of all sizes sharing his mantra of creating great experiences for all clients.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Creating great customer experiences in the clinic
  • Why patients judge you on their experience, not how technically good you are
  • How to get off the tools
  • How to put systems in place to train your team
  • Cultivating a purposeful team culture
  • The 4 STEP process to clinic mastery
  • Staying ahead of the changes in the health profession

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