Dentists are often “A-type” personalities, which means we’re often striving for perfection and constantly “on the go”. In this episode, I’m joined by mindfulness expert and former sports psychologist John Shackleton to share his insights and wisdom on using mindfulness in your business to improve relationships, time management and much more.

John Shackleton has a background in sports psychology and has coached world champions and Olympic medalists.  John became a professional coach in his 20s, training international level swimmers and triathletes.  In his quest to improve performance, he turned to sports psychology to help his athletes achieve at their absolute best.

Over the next 20 years, his training company grew to become the largest of it’s type in Europe. The company had a group of specialist trainers working with blue chip clients such as Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola and Pfizer.

In his late 40s, John sold his interest in his UK companies and emigrated to New Zealand. There, he set up on his own speaking and coaching business and quickly established himself as one of Australasia’s top motivational speakers. For the last 15 years, he has been delivering conference keynotes and training workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia on performance subjects such as motivation strategies, self belief and goal setting etc.

In this episode, we discuss:

2:30 John’s journey from athlete to sports psychologist
7:18 Achieving peak performance without the stress
8:45 Understanding what is and isn’t in your sphere of control (and why that matters)
16:18 How to ensure your mental wellbeing isn’t tied to “success” or “failure”
20:19 How the definition of “peak performance” needs to chance
23:35 How mindfulness lets you unlock more peace and time
26:30 What mindfulness is and how to harness it
29:46 How mindfulness improves staff and patient relationships in a business
37:58 Being values driven and mindful in your business
40:30 Tips for those who struggle with mindfulness
43:05 Practical things you can do to bring more mindfulness into your business

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