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Hosted by Dr Jesse Green, the Savvy Dentist podcast provides the platform for learning everything you need to know about creating a dental business so that you can create a practice and life you love. Join Jesse each week as he interviews successful dentists, inspiring entrepreneurs, high performing athletes, and influencers. Hear their stories, learn about their challenges, and discover new tools and techniques to apply in your own dental business.

Savvy Dentist is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business.


34. How to

34. How to Get Your Practice to Run Itself, with James Shramko

James Schramko is the Founder of SuperFastBusiness (SFB). SFB is a business resource to help business owners get plenty more profit while working a lot less. On this episode we ch...
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33.  Insid

33. Insider Tips for Buying and Selling Practices with Simon Palmer

Simon Palmer is the Founder and Managing Director of Practice Sale Search. Simon has more than 12 years’ experience in dentist recruitment, on-hire and dental practice sales....
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32. How to

32. How to Steal Back Your Time with Kate Christie the Time Styler

How can dentists get the most out of their time? In this episode, I chat to time management expert Kate Christie who is an international speaker and best-selling author. Kate cons...
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31. How bo

31. How bouncing back from adversity will make you a better dentist with Ben Ikin

In celebration of Grand Final season, I revisit an earlier interview with Ben Ikin. Ben Ikin is a former professional rugby league footballer who played 150 games in the NRL. He p...
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30. How To

30. How To Improve Your Leadership Skills And Grow Your Practice

Successful practice owners have great leadership skills. But what exactly is “leadership”? Are leadership traits innate or can you learn them? If you’re not cons...
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29. 5 Thin

29. 5 Things My Dad Taught Me About Business

The business lessons my dad taught me come from outside the business world - often the best business lessons do. This episode is in celebration of father’s day a couple of w...
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28. How Se

28. How Secure are your IT Systems from Cyber Attack, with James Borg

Cyber attacks aren't just an urban myth and I'm speaking from very recent experience here. One Monday morning I found our dental IT system in lock down and our business held to ran...
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27. Cultiv

27. Cultivating Your Purpose Driven Practice, with Paul Dunn

In this episode, I chat to one of my mentors, Paul Dunn. Paul is the Chairman of B1G1 and a hugely respected and admired business leader too. Paul offers amazing insights into buil...
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26. HR Sec

26. HR Secrets Every Dental Practice Owner Should Know, with Natasha Hawker

In this episode, I chat with Natasha Hawker about savvy human resources (HR) strategies. This is one of the areas dental practice owners and managers struggle with regularly. Nata...
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