After years of coaching dentists, a common question I get asked is “how do I earn more and work less?”

If you have ever pondered that question, this event might be for you.

We will show you how to create a fully leveraged business so that you transition from being an operator to a true business owner.
We will be covering 4 key areas:

1. Strategic Planning

Having a robust strategy allows you to have a compelling vision and direction for the practice. We will be discussing the elements of a winning strategy and give you the tools to guide you in your day to day decision making so you stay on track. Among others, our friend and colleague Nauvneel Kashyap will be sharing his thoughts, ideas and experience on this topic.

2. Self Managing Team

We all understand the importance of the team. In this section we will be covering how to build a high-performance team => a team that operates independently and at a consistently high level.

We will be showing you how to create a practice culture by design.

We understand that from time to time we make a hiring mistake. We will show you how to minimise these as well as how to deal with a difficult team member.

Finally our special guest, former Australian Cricket captain Steve Waugh will unveil the leadership skills he used to turn a team of champions into a championship team => a team that held the Guinness Record for most consecutive test match wins.

He’ll also discuss how to make difficult decisions and how to manage risk.

3. Creating Assets and a Scalable Infrastructure

For a business to scale it must have the appropriate infrastructure in place. It has been said that any headache, frustration or bottleneck can be traced back to a deficiency of assets. Our job as business owners is to create assets and convert them as efficiently as possible to cashflow. We will show you 24 Assets every business needs to have in place to Scale.

4. Implementation and Execution

In business, speed is currency. The ability to execute a plan in a timely manner is critical to ongoing success. Failure to do so sees many businesses fail to fulfil their potential or fall by the wayside. In short, getting stuff done is crucial.

Over the 2 days, you will hear from business luminaries and thought leaders on the topic of how to Scale Your Practice. You will also hear from dentists who have already tread this path to achieve their own scaling success.

I hope to see you at the event. 🙂



4-5 September 2020


Brisbane, Australia

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