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DATE: 19th October 2022
TIME: 7:00 PM Canberra time

Is Your Dental Practice Prepared For The Economic Downturn And Ready To Seize New Opportunities?

You are not alone…these global issues in a post-pandemic world are affecting dental practice owners all over the world.

But instead of letting the fear and outside influence control how you face this situation…let’s focus on the opportunities that lie ahead and plan how to dodge the roadblocks in your way.

Join us for a highly valuable and informative webinar where you’ll learn crucial steps on how to recession-proof your business. On Wednesday 19th October 7pm – 8pm (Canberra time).

This 1-hour session has been designed specifically to help you get your dental practice through these tough times without sustaining any significant damage to your business and bottom line.

Learn from knowledgeable experts and industry leaders about how you can recession-proof your dental practice, ensure a robust management strategy, and keep your business moving in the right direction regardless of the economic circumstances.

This hands-on training will give you actionable insights and new strategies to retain your customers, acquire new ones, and keep your revenue stream consistent.

Uncertain times always reveal new opportunities, you just need to learn how you can capitalise on them…

Opportunities are always there whether the economy is flourishing or taking a dive – you need to master the art of positioning yourself to capitalise on these opportunities whenever they come your way.

Register now for our 1-hour webinar and learn the secret recipe of the expert coaches, successful dental practice owners, and industry leaders to grab every opportunity and make the most of it.

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This 1-hour free session has been designed to help dental practices retain their patient base despite the recession and keep them profitable.

It will help you position your practice to thrive regardless of economic circumstances. The material covered is based on decades of ‘in the trenches’ experience and real-world results.

What you’ll learn in this 3-hour webinar:

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Insights For Dental Practice Owners

This quick session on finding sustainable ways to grow during a recession will be your guiding light for devising new strategies, capitalizing on new opportunities, and coming up with the roadmap to retain your existing patients despite the economic pressures shaking their confidence.

In this webinar, Dr Jesse Green – leading business coach, podcaster, author, and successful practice owner – will share his tried and tested formulas to keep your practice profitable.

It’s Expert-Level, Hands-On Information That Is Not Available In Any Other Podcasts, Videos, Or Webinars…

Don’t miss the chance to Recession-Proof your practice.

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How to Recession Proof Your Dental Practice.