Dr Tyson Franklin is a podiatrist, author, speaker and host of the It’s No Secret with Dr T. podcast.

Systematising his business was a key factor in winning the 2003 Telstra Business Award and he now takes great pleasure in sharing what he’s learnt with other podiatrists, health professionals and small business owners, through mentoring, workshops, weekend conferences and other speaking engagements.

Tyson Franklin loves small business, marketing, writing and helping others, which is why he wrote his first book, It’s No Secret…There’s Money In Podiatry, in 2014. This book was a logical place to start but my next book, It’s No Secret…There’s Money in Small Business, released in Oct 2017.

In 2017 Tyson started the IT’S NO SECRET WITH DR T. podcast, which is aimed at helping small business owners earn more, work less and enjoy what they do more each day. There are no secrets in small business; you just need to be open to new ideas.

In this episode, we discuss:

6:41 – How bad habits form in business and how to prevent them
13:20 – Why you need to be keeping your eye on KPIs
16:00 – How to avoid OVER systemising your business
22:39 – How to come up with endless blog ideas and titles (even when you’re not a copywriter)
29:00 – Tyson’s method for extracting business lessons from other industries
35:15 – How to avoid perfectionism in a business setting
38:35 – Mitigating risks in your business

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