Your Front Desk Team Are Your Secret Weapon to Overcoming the COVID Crisis

Building a strong, confident, highly productive and motivated Front Desk Team can help your practice bounce back from the after-effects of the COVID-19 crisis. We can show you how to do it in one day.

Now is the time to focus on building a strong Front Desk Team who will be your frontline key workers post-pandemic as you see patients returning to your practice.

In our Savvy Dentist Virtual Front Desk Heroes Workshop we will share tried and tested systems that will help Front Desk team members adapt and excel to become more confident and organised, more productive, more satisfied and less stressed.

In the virtual workshop we will show you how to:

Hone in on communication and appointment booking frameworks

Build confidence and create a connection within the team

Help your team get aligned and working together through easy to follow systems

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Front Desk Heroes: The Ultimate Blueprint for Front Desk Success on Saturday 6th June 2020 from 9AM – 4PM AEST

We recognise that the COVID-19 crisis has hit dentistry hard. 

Practices have had to adapt to the rapidly changing environment the pandemic has brought with it. They have had to pivot to create opportunity out of adversity.

It has made us rethink everything, reassess and realign our hopes, our dreams and our teams!

That includes one of the essential teams in your practice that are on the frontline every single day, your Front Desk.

Your Front Desk team members are the real unsung heroes working at the epicentre of your practice and as we start to head into COVID recovery mode your team will need the polish to impress patients at every turn.

The global after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are going to be huge, and it is essential that your Front Desk Team get equipped with every tool and support system they need now to adapt effectively and to be able to face any challenges to come.

Once restrictions are lifted, it’s the teams that have been communicating, training and bonding, that will shine for you when it truly counts.

We will teach you to create clarity, and build in structure and systems to hone your communications and get you executing with confidence, so you get results.

Come to our Virtual Front Desk Workshop and you will walk away with a front desk team that:

    • Understands exactly what they need to do (no more guesswork!)
    • Feels a renewed confidence, knowing their role is important to your practice
    • Knows how to manage stress more effectively using a structure and clear guidelines
    • Are fully equipped to successfully navigate through this difficult time of adjustment

Why You Should Attend

Our virtual workshop is designed to help you build a premier front desk team post-pandemic and beyond so that you can offer first-rate patient service to continue taking your practice to the next level.

During the workshop, we will share easy-to-implement strategies that will help your front desk staff develop the skills and confidence to:

    • Welcome and onboard newcomers
    • Reassure anxious patients
    • Handle complaints easily
    • Convert phone enquiries to appointments
    • Fill your appointment book while minimising wait times, cancellations and no shows
    • Work well with your clinical staff

And much more…

The full day workshop will be available to access live and online on Saturday 6th June 2020 from 9AM – 4PM AEST with allocated breaks in between.

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Who Is This Workshop For?

Front Desk Heroes: The Ultimate Blueprint for Front Desk Success is tailor-made to help all key members of your practice that includes:

    • Receptionists
    • Front Desk Coordinators
    • Practice Managers
    • Practice Owners

What You Will Learn

During the workshop, we are going to show you how to handle common front desk challenges.

We will show your front desk staff how to:

    • Fill the appointment book including important tips on how to schedule emergencies, compensate for last-minute gaps, and minimize cancellations, no-shows and late arrivals
    • Welcome new and repeat patients
    • Deal with anxious or difficult patients and respond to complaints or complex questions with confidence
    • Streamline the patient intake procedure
    • Receive constructive feedback and request online reviews
    • Use the phone as a powerful marketing and sales asset, converting basic phone call enquiries into enthusiastic repeat patients
    • Handle patient emergencies
    • Explain fee structures to confused or frustrated patients
    • Successfully manage multi-priorities—i.e. talk to patients, handle files and answer phones with efficiency

We will show practice owners the best way to:

    • Train your front desk
    • Keep your front desk operating at the highest standards (even when you’re not there!)
    • Ensure all phone leads end up as a booking so that prospective patients aren’t lost
    • Make sure your front desk staff feels appreciated and valued
    • Guarantee your front desk staff works well with the rest of the team

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Dr. Jesse Green

A dentist, best-selling author and Australia’s leading dental coach, Dr. Jesse Green has helped dozens of ambitious dentists play bigger, better and smarter in our hyper-competitive market.

Jesse is well known for his verbal skills and has a unique way of deconstructing conversations to help you understand what you are trying to achieve with your practice.

He believes in the power of conversation and it’s a fundamental way to transfer his skills and experiences to you so you can take your practice to the next level.

The systems Jesse teaches are not ‘pie in the sky’ theory but are the result of his personal experience building several 7-figure dental practices over the last few decades. Jesse gets results.

In fact, his mastermind clients consistently enjoy up to 100% revenue increases in as little as 12 months!

Through his in-depth programs and exclusive masterminds, Jesse teaches his elite clientele how to implement step-by-step systems that create high profits, happy patients and independent teams.

Here’s some of the feedback Jesse has received for his programs…

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