Make your hygiene room a profit centre at our High-Performance Hygiene and Therapy Workshop!


You and your team will learn how to maximise the effectiveness of your Hygiene and OHT departments!

Equip your team with the tools, skills and confidence to turn your OHT/Hygiene room into a profitable asset.


Creating a hygiene department is an investment. It takes up valuable chair space, requires additional team members, and incurs extra wages.

When you spend that much time and money on an investment, you want it to produce returns.

Unfortunately, a low-performing hygiene department can be a drain on your profits. You’re putting all these resources in, and not getting anything out of it.

You’ve got to ask yourself, what’s the point?

But, having a high-performance hygiene department makes it all worth it.

Your OHT/Hygiene team plays an integral part in delivering excellent patient care and can increase the amount of treatment accepted.

Then because patients have strong relationships with additional team members, they’re less likely to leave and retention improves.

Ultimately, you enjoy more efficient patient care by making the most of what you’ve already got – which means less time, stress, and cost for you!

So, are you ready to build a high-performance hygiene department that creates more leverage in your practice?



Your OHT and hygiene team will learn the communication, business, and customer service tools necessary to step up and become a profit centre for the practice.

Bring your team along to be trained by experts in the field.

Hygiene Department becomes more profitable and gives you leverage.

Enjoy real improvements in case acceptance, retention, and patient experience.

We’ll show you and your team how to:


  Build more effective appointment workflow to make the best use of everyone’s time

  Implement three crucial systems to maximise Hygiene / OHT effectiveness

  Understand the relationship between dentist and hygienist/OHT

  Avoid common mistakes practices make with their hygiene department

  Adopt simple and ethical ways to increase production

  Determine when to have an associate and when to have a hygienist / OHT

  Introduce a hygiene or therapy department to patients

Places are filling fast with practices that are ready to create a team of hygiene heroes – so don’t miss out.


We will train them with specific and essential communications frameworks, systems, and processes that all OHT’s and Hygienists should know.


See more patients, offer more treatment, and build stronger relationships between patients and the practice.


You get more patients, more appointments, and more profits – for less time, stress, and money!


This workshop is focused on upskilling and training your OHT and Hygiene team.

Practice owners and managers are encouraged to accompany their team to learn how to enhance their practice together.

After all, dental practice growth comes from teamwork, building consistency, and shared success!


   Friday 8th of April 2022

   8:30AM – 5:00PM – Sydney Time

   Zoom Online Session

Three reasons you can’t miss out:

Fully develop the potential of one of your practice’s most important assets

The hygiene department is an integral part of delivering the best patient care possible, and could be a massive a profit centre within the business.

Have your team trained by experts in the field with decades of first-hand experience

We teach tangible and implementable skills that are proven to have real impact on practices. No abstract theory – this is all developed from years of first-hand experience in dental practices and is the most current and up to date information available!

Ultimately increase the profitability of your practice

Production increases, the level of patient care increases, productivity increases, and so profit increases! Because profit is power, the practice can reinvest in more marketing, patient retention systems, wage increases – the sky’s the limit.

Meet your host, leading dental business coach Dr Jesse Green

Hi! It’s Dr Jesse Green and I’m so glad to see you here.

As a dentist, coach, and best-selling author of “Retention! How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Business,” I run Australia’s leading entrepreneurial community for dentists.

And, I will be your host at our upcoming High-Performance Hygiene and Therapy Workshop.

You may be asking “why should I learn from you?” Fair question!

For starters, I’m a dentist myself. I’ve spent decades in the trenches, building 7-figure practices with high-performance hygiene and therapy teams that generate profit and leverage.

All the principles I teach are timeless, real-world methods that are guaranteed to work.

This workshop is based on my 25 years of experience of learning, developing, testing and refining communication skills that actually work.

This is not theory. In fact, these are the exact same skills I used to double revenue and quadruple profit in my own dental practice.

I have worked with over 740 practices to teach this material and grow their practice – and I can teach you too.

Give me one short day, and I’ll show you how to get the results you’re looking for…

what other dentists have to say

Before working with Jesse, I worked over 180 days a year and my profit was $350,000. Since working with Jesse, I now work just 65 days a year and take home over $1 million.

Dr. Ayesha Aijaz

I started working with Jesse 2 years ago and have experienced huge rewards. In the past 12 months alone, I have increased my annual holidays by 100% (to 3 months last year), and I have further increased my profits by an additional 20%.

Dr. Dail Kim

We had a significant problem with patients failing to attend or cancelling at short notice. When we engaged Jesse, this was the primary issue that we needed help with. He gave us specific techniques to deal with the issue and as a result unproductive time has reduced to almost nil. The return on investment through this alone has been significant.

Dr. Patrick Caldwell

We started working with Dr Green 10 months ago, and in this short time we have seen our revenue triple and our team and practice grow to a level where we can be confident of our future growth strategies.

Dr. Gareth McBride

We put systems in place, we’ve improved the team morale, and generally we’re a very, very happy workplace now. So one of the things that Jesse’s really, really helped us with is the ability to actually step away from the clinical side of things and work on the practice and the business of running the practice itself there. And it’s freed up a lot of our time and worked us towards what we want now in our life outside of dentistry itself. When I first started, I was doing a good fifty hours a week there, and so seeing very little time at home, and now I’ve cut back down to four days a week and spending a lot of my time with numbers and also doing a lot of traveling as well, too, there. Before the changes that we’ve made, I feel much, much more comfortable about the business running itself and having less of my input. So if I go away, I know that when I come back, I’ve got a business to come back to.

Dr. Barry Young


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for dental hygienists, oral health therapists and dental practice owners. It’s relevant for dental practices with established hygiene teams or those looking to create one. Other team members are welcome to come along and may find the content useful.

How much are tickets to High Performance Hygiene and Therapy?

Tickets are AUD$990 including GST.

Is this per person, or per practice?

Each ticket covers admission for the practice, including you and all relevant team members.

What makes your event different from any of the others?

The High-Performance Hygiene and Therapy workshop is based on real world experience, not academic theory. It draws on my experience of building several 7-figure practices in today’s economic environment – these are principles I implement in my practice to this day! Other courses use old material and outdated methods, which can be frustrating to try and update. Rest assured that you can walk away with

How do I know that the methods you teach will really work for me?

The principles I teach are proven and timeless and have produced stellar results for countless dentists across a variety of practices. In a word, they WORK!

Is this event in-person or online?

This is a digital event, and will be held over video conference on the day. This means you and your team can dial in from wherever you are.

What platform is the event hosted on?

It will be held over Zoom and you will be emailed the Zoom link the week of the event.

Is it pre-recorded or LIVE?

This is a LIVE event, meaning you can ask questions and seek guidance in real-time.

Remind me, what time is the event?

The event will begin at 8:30 AM and will conclude at 5:00 PM Canberra time. Please be sure to check the conversion with your local time zone to ensure you don’t miss out!

Do Savvy Dentist Academy and Practice Max members receive a discount?

Yes, please check your emails for an invitation from us that includes information around your member’s discount.
For any further questions or information about High Performance Hygiene and Therapy please contact us here or call 1300 66 83 84.