1. Acknowledged by participant

  1. I acknowledge that the presenters at this event are not 

  • Licensed financial planners or advisors

  • Qualified accountants or finance professionals

  1. All information including material as referred to or provided to me by the Presenters has been obtained by the Presenters solely from their own experience as business owners and is referred to or provided as general information only, which:

  1. will require further research to identify its application to my specific requirements

  2. will, dependent on the further research to be undertaken as referred to in sub paragraph (i) above, require modification to appropriately apply to my specific requirements

  3. is referred to or provided by way of example only and is not intended to be nor is it acceptable as specific investment recommendations or advice for me.

  1. I understand that failed business projects, mistakes and losses are a real possibility for me and my associated entities if I do decide to pursue and engage in specific or similar business activities and/or investments presented at the masterclass. Therefore, I understand and agree that these business activities carry an inherent element of risk and I accept full responsibility for this risk and its consequences. 

  2. I understand and agree that (while given in good faith) all information and materials gained at the event should not be relied upon in any way. Therefore, I commit to undertake careful and competent due diligence from independent sources before taking any action or inaction as a consequence of information gained at the event. 

  3. Any investment or business undertaken whether as a result of information provided by the Presenters or otherwise will be undertaken only after:

    • Consideration of all relevant facts and issues; and

    • Obtaining independent financial, investment and legal advice

  4. I am not authorised to nor shall I photograph and/or record this event

  5. I acknowledge that copyright and intellectual property rights in and to the information belongs to the presenters or their suppliers absolutely

  6. I agree to take directions from staff, organizers and presenters. I agree that I am liable for any damages or losses caused to the presenters’ or their agents’ property, reputation or income arising from my actions or inactions.

  7. I acknowledge that this is a private event. Attendance is by invitation only. Only registered guests may enter the room. Unregistered people will be declined entry

  8. I shall not duplicate by any means whatsoever any of the information from the event or any other material provided by Savvy Dentist.

  9. I acknowledge that the information provided is intended for personal use of registered attendees only. Consultants, media, authorities, businesses or others seeking access for commercial purposes will be declined entry unless given specific written permission by the organizers.

  10. I further acknowledge that there is no guarantee that profit will be made as an entrepreneur.  The presentation given by the Presenters is one of the many learning tools that I may require before participating in my own business.


2. Release

I release forever the Presenters from all and any responsibility or liability for any losses claims or demands that may directly or indirectly occur as a result of me using the information obtained for investment or other purposes.


3. Authority

I acknowledge that the Presenters may video, photograph and/or record the masterclass that I have attended and I authorise the Presenters to utilise any such photographs and/or recordings in any manner whatsoever.


4. Restraint

I hereby acknowledge that my attendance at this event does not give me the right to represent (whether expressly or implied) or hold out to any person that I am a Representative, agent, employee, partner or in any way connected with the Presenters.


5. You agree that personal information provided may be used and retained by Savvy Dentist for the purpose of the marketing of services by Savvy Dentist, its agents or distributors.


Please note that results and earnings mentioned at this event are not typical.  Where specific income figures are used and attributed to an individual or business, those persons or business have earned that amount.  There is no assurance you’ll do as well.  If you rely upon figures, you must accept the risk of not doing as well.