Savvy Dentist is a dental practice management community and
dental business coaching system created by Dr Jesse Green.

Grow and scale your dental practice with more patients and profits and less stress


Through our practice management coaching, Savvy Dentist has helped dentists and dental specialists to put an extra $100k in their pockets while working less.

Dr Jesse Green
Founder of Savvy Dentist



Savvy Dentist is for dentists who want to move beyond the challenges of operating a dental practice to become savvy business owners.

Faced with overwork and stress, team challenges, intense competition, and struggling to improve profitability, many dentists have discovered dental practice management can be mastered.

Working through Savvy Dentist’s integrated program of dental business coaching, we bring together the tools dentists need to thrive in dental practice.

We help you develop financial intelligence, have more time and work less, create high performance teams, and master the art of patient flow. Savvy Dentist is different from other dental practice management programs.

Offering content, coaching, and community, it provides everything a dentist needs to transition from an operator-style practice to a true business that provides more money, more time, and less stress.



Savvy Dentist is a dental practice management community and dental business coaching system created by Dr Jesse Green.

Providing the practice management tools, systems and support dentists need to move beyond traditional models of dental practice that no longer work, to smarter business ownership, Savvy Dentist is dental business coaching at its best.

With a level of coaching available to suit where you are in dental practice right now, Savvy Dentist will help you lay the foundations to success – and create a high-performance business

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Delegation for Dentists

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Five Habits of the Wealthy

A big part of the reason you work as hard as you do is to create lasting wealth. The kind of generational wealth that provides for your family, contributes to the local economy, an...
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Discover the power of retention in dental practice


Learn why savvy dentists excel regardless of the economic climate.

Dr Jesse Green’s Amazon bestseller, Retention! is the must-read book for any dentist on their way to dental practice mastery. Presenting many principles, tools and systems now available through the Savvy Dentist dental business coaching programs, Retention! will inspire you to move beyond the challenges of dental practice to the high performance of business ownership