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Savvy Dentist gives you the blueprint and resources to achieve three kinds of freedom — financial freedom, freedom of time and freedom of choice. You join a dental practice management community of like-minded, high-performing dentists all working to realise your visions.


It doesn’t need to be a 24/7/365 struggle to get your practice to take off. Let us light the runway with our successful tools, systems for dentists and dental business coaching program. Everything we offer is proven to work in dentistry practices.


Once you unlock time, you have the choice of how to spend it. Will you concentrate on the procedures you love, or step away from the tools to build and scale an incredible business?


Unlock financial freedom and create inter-generational wealth that guarantees a profitable future for you and your family. Freedom for your children and their children to enjoy.

World-class dental coaching

Grow your practice beyond traditional models that are dated and no longer work for modern businesses. Our coaches come from dentistry and beyond — delivering the mindset, tools, techniques, and sound practice management principles for you to grow a wildly profitable practice with accelerated growth.

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dental practice management

The dental practices at the forefront today are the ones adopting, adapting and implementing cutting edge systematic business practices. Our coaches have that blueprint and coupled with their invaluable firsthand experience and business expertise, take the guesswork out of practice growth.

Dr Jesse Green

Savvy Dentist Founder


Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Dr Jesse Green is a leading dental business coach.

He established Savvy Dentist to support dentists to develop financial intelligence, have more time and work less, create high performance teams, and master the art of patient flow.

Ronan Lutman

Savvy Dentist Head Coach


Ronan has over 18 years’ experience in dental practice coaching, having worked with 500+ dental practice owners and their teams.

In the 10 years prior, he developed and facilitated business communications programs for corporate clients such as IBM, Deutsche Bank, and Bloomberg. Ronan has also done extensive training and certification in Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness, which provides profound insight in the coaching process.

Clare Mullins

Savvy Dentist Coach


After a career in physiotherapy, Clare discovered a love of the psychology behind leadership and teamwork.

She began coaching medical practices in England and even published a book titled Leadership and Team Building in Primary Care. Clare is passionate about people and enjoys building strong leaders who can drive their teams and businesses to success.

Geoff Currie

Savvy Dentist Coach


Over the past 20 years, Geoff has helped business owners build high growth and high profit business across over 70 industries.

His work is informed by his 40 year entrepreneurial career which has given him a deep understanding and practical approach to starting, growing, buying, and selling businesses. Geoff is also an accomplished author, holds an industry award, and is a highly sought after business advisor and mentor.

Deon Myburgh

Savvy Dentist Coach


Before joining us as a Business Coach, Deon had a long career as a police officer, 20 years experience as a business consultant, and even managed his own marketing agency for six years.

His extensive history in business management coupled with a deep passion for human potential helps Deon unlock the very best within his clients and achieve exponential, sustainable business growth.

Raechelle Stewart

Client Success Manager


Rae holds an impressive 13 years experience working in customer experience across numerous organisations.

She has a great passion for building high-quality customer service and care, that gives clients confidence and unbeatable results. Rae builds and nurtures long-standing relationships with Savvy Dentist clients, and helps facilitate their success.

Vivek Reddy

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Vivek Reddy is a dentist by profession, but has also worked as a Practice Manager and Business Manager.

He is Savvy Dentist’s Chief Operations Officer and he hosts the Practice Manager training. He covers numerous bases including customer success, client acquisition, day to day systems for dentists, sales and onboarding, Practice Managers course and training, retention, driving business strategies, project management, and people management.

Join our dental practice management community

Savvy Dentist gives you the blueprint, resources and community you need to chart your path to financial freedom, freedom of time and freedom of choice.

The skills and knowledge in team leadership and management, business administration, patient care, patient experience and acquisition that principal dentists, practice owners and managers would gain separate Savvy Dentist from other dental practice management course programs and are part of the core of what we teach to help dental practices prepare to scale and grow.

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