Find out why the Australian Dental Association rated the Savvy Dentist podcast as its #1 dental podcast for ambitious dental practice owners. Listen as successful dentists, high-achieving entrepreneurs and champion athletes inspire you to take your practice to new heights.


What listeners say

The Savvy Dentist podcast is listened to by dentists all over the world who are looking to bring an edge to their dental practice.


I listen to many different dental podcasts and nearly all are American. This is as good as the best American podcast era, and excellent and well laid out interview presented by Jesse gives many useful and implementable tips while also thoroughly discussing some quite complex subjects.



Lots of pearls of wisdom. Good length discussions and interviews listen to on the way to work. Very insightful content!

Finery Whine

Fantastic podcast!

Jesse has a wonderful breadth of knowledge, particularly in the space of dental practices, which can easily be applied to other fields as well. His podcasts are a perfect length with a great range of guests and topics. He’s incredibly engaging and offers a wealth of information to positively impact your life and business. Highly recommend.

Sam Bradshaw

Love this Podcast!

Been listening to the podcast since 2017, actually guilty of listening to many episodes twice … Helped me in many ways in my personal and professional journey, Love it! Amazing podcast. Interesting choice of interviewees. Making a difference in my personal and business growth. Thanks Dr Jesse Keep going

Dr. Sonia

Spot on!

Dr Jesse’s approach is spot on and a wonderful example for anyone wanting to impact their industry in a positive way.


Love this Podcast

Great podcast. Many episodes are applicable to life or any business. Useful knowledge that is immediately applicable

Dr. Molloy

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