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Hosted by Dr Jesse Green, the Savvy Dentist podcast provides the platform for learning everything you need to know about creating a dental business so that you can create a practice and life you love. Join Jesse each week as he interviews successful dentists, inspiring entrepreneurs, high performing athletes, and influencers. Hear their stories, learn about their challenges, and discover new tools and techniques to apply in your own dental business.

Savvy Dentist is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business.


In today’s Summer Series episode, let me take you back to some of the best interviews we’ve had about smart Read more
In this episode, we talk to Edward Zuckerberg, dentist and - yes - father of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, about how Read more
Learn how you can create remarkable and memorable experiences for your clients with us in today’s episode. Read more
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In this episode, my guest Katherine Eitel Belt Lang of LionSpeak explains how we can build a culture that celebrates Read more
In this episode, Rob Webster takes us through how software like Lana, can help automate all our back- and front-end Read more

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