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and Stress



OUR Solutions to common


Financial Intelligence

Get paid what you’re worth

With Practice Max, you’ll not only have a plan with concrete milestones leading you to success, but you’ll also be equipped with the leading suite of financial tools and scoreboards so know what to do and when to do it. You’ll understand the key drivers of your business, be able to identify and remedy any hurdles to profitability as well as sharpen your financial intelligence for outstanding results.

More Time Less Stress

Take control of your own business so
you can have a life

Once you understand the powerful principles of using effective systems to run your practice as an owner, not an operator, you’ll have more money, more time and less stress. You’ll feel happier and more passionate about life.

High Team Performance

Recruit A-grade employees

You’ll learn how to build and lead a highly skilled, passionate team that consistently performs at the highest level. This will free you to do what you do best – dentistry. Accelerate your profits with staff members who love what they do.

Innovative Strategies

Master the art of patient flow

Secure your future with cutting edge, modern dental marketings strategies and timeless business principles. By attracting and retaining loyal patients, you’ll be able to focus on the work you love to do with the patients you love to do it for.

Practice Max Mastermind high-performance coaching is now open by application only

 If you’re ready to gain new levels of financial intelligence in dental practice management, there are just a few things to know before submitting your Practice Max Mastermind membership application:


You must be the practice owner to be part of the program


We coach one practice per membership (however, you can apply everything you learn - the strategies, tools, and techniques - to every practice you own)


You should already be making $300k profit per year to qualify


Expect an exclusive community of high performers in the program - we only work with highly driven and motivated practice owners who want to transcend from traditional owner/operator to true business ownership


You will receive both live and online training, as well as 1:1 mentoring tailored specifically to you and your business.


Access to Practice Max Mastermind membership resources and forum, which are available from any web browser and the Savvy Dentist APP via iPhone or Android


All applications commence with a telephone or Zoom call interview with Jesse.


I want to build and retain my patient base


Attracting and retaining more patients and mastering the art of patient flow aren’t skills that are acquired overnight. If you’re already making $300k profit per year, you already know this. You also understand survival in dental business today means dentists need to adapt.

But what if marketing isn’t your thing? Many dentists feel overwhelmed and confused about what they should do because they haven’t learned the three R’s of marketing: Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation.

Savvy dentists do things differently. They know a winning approach is one that targets new patients while serving, and building loyalty from existing ones. When they hit the sweet spot, they’re able to scale their practice, grow wealth, and create a legacy.

Now you can too with Practice Max Mastermind.

What is Practice Max Mastermind high performance dental coaching?


The Practice Max Mastermind is high-performance coaching for dentists. This unique program is designed to grow your dental business faster.

With the help of Dr Jesse Green and other high-level members, you will learn to apply proven strategies and financial practice management tools and resources to your dental business and develop greater financial intelligence. We only teach what we’ve tested ourselves and we know works. Designed specifically for results-driven dentists motivated to increase their profits, our signature high-performance program blends innovative solutions with rigorous strategic thinking and real-world practice.

If your profits aren’t where you want them, following the Practice Max Mastermind program, they can be. If you’re already on the road to peak profit levels, we help you get there faster.

What makes Practice Max Mastermind high performance coaching different from other dentist coaching programs?


Savvy Dentist Academy is different from other dental coaching programs because it’s been designed by a dentist specifically for dentists. We only teach what we’ve tested ourselves and we know works in the real world.

Most dental coaching programs focus on the traditional owner/operator model of dental practice management. This outdated model is fine if you want a high paying job and never want to experience true time and financial freedom. Our focus is teaching you what’s required to create a profitable, scalable, valuable model of dental practice.

Practice Max Mastermind helps dentists transcend the old model of dental practice. Instead, we work with dentists to create a business that is scalable and valuable. Motivated dentists working the Practice Max Mastermind program unshackle themselves from the traditional dental practice and create leverage, as they shift their focus from profitable to scalable - and beyond.

Will you be one of them?

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