More patients
More profits
More freedom

Do you want more profit? A high-performing, happy team? The freedom to work only when you want — and only on the procedures you enjoy? What if you could have all of that in the next 12 to 18 months?

We have the adaptable blueprint to grow the high-performing dental practice that you want, and the experienced team to show you how.

What’s the perfect dental practice for you?

What do you see when you picture the perfect dental practice for you?
Are you practising only the dentistry you enjoy, while your high-performing team cares for the other dental needs of a growing list of happy patients?

Or have you stepped aside from clinical dentistry to be the fulltime CEO of your clinic or clinics?

Would you like your practice to be so sophisticated that it needs you to be working in it only a couple of days a week?

Or do you see yourself in entrepreneur mode, serving more communities by opening more practices that employ the best dentists and staff?

Whatever your vision, we know how to make it a reality, faster than you ever imagined was possible.

To generate multi-generational wealth you need an abundance of these 3 currencies:


As a dental practice owner you deserve to have the financial freedom to do everything you ever dreamed of in both your personal life and business.

Growing a profitable dental practice is not out of your reach, in fact we can help you secure your financial future in just 12-18 months.

Practice Max can help you level up faster by building a high-performance team that becomes the driving force behind your smart marketing machine and much more.


Move away from being the tired overworked practice owner to becoming the thriving practice owner who has control and freedom over their own time.

We can help you build a self-managing team so you can have peace of mind that your practice is in good hands and you can step away, and take more time to enjoy life instead of being tied to the chair 24/7.

Practice Max systems will show you how you can free up more of your time by scaling your practice, so your profits are no longer dependent on your clinical hours.


Building your dream practice that will create multi-generational wealth for you and your family’s future gives your life meaning and purpose beyond simply owning a business.

Practice coaching helps practice owners adapt to and plan change by facilitating the process of learning and assessing their dental practices and making strategic decisions for growth and success. It is the key to customising and implementing quality improvement in primary care practices.

Practice Max will provide you with the blueprints to build your personal roadmap to help you build a legacy to be proud of that can provide for future generations to come.

Grow your practice to the highest level WITH COACHING

“The measure of a practice’s success isn’t your waiting list or how much you’re making. Seeing a lot of patients and selling a lot of products doesn’t necessarily translate to good profits and cash flow.

Jesse’s brought on a change in the culture of our practice. And we’ve got systems for dentists in place. The practice has become a turnkey. Someone could walk in and say, ‘Hey, I like what you’re doing here. Can I have it?’”

— Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam OAM, Director, Perth Oral Medicine and Dental Sleep Centre, and Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia Dental School

Is this you?

Does your practice look like this?

The traditional model for dental practices produces overworked and unhappy dentists. Are you one of them?

Financial Underperformance

When other dentists are thriving, it’s easy to see there’s a problem. But dental school doesn’t teach you how to pinpoint the cause.

Do you need to sell better? Do you have a team issue? The wrong patients? Do you need more marketing? Better marketing?

Tied to the chair

The traditional model overworks “successful” dentists — more patients means more profits….but more hours. With back-to-back appointments, your nights and weekends are swallowed by paperwork and operations…...

How can you take a break when it would all come crashing down without you?

Making it up

No one teaches you systems and processes, so you try to make it up as you go along. But when everyone in your practice is winging it, chaos and conflict follow.

And who’s the person everyone comes to for the fixes?

Intense Competition

With no time or roadmap to fix the problems in your practice, you hardly have time to look over your shoulder at the competition. But you know it’s there, and edging ahead.

How is it some dentists never have to worry about who else is in the market?

From overworked practice owner to thriving business owner

Strategy, leadership, systems for dentists, a great offer… It sounds so obvious when you lay it out. But dentistry is different, isn’t it? Certainly that’s what we’re told when we go into practice. This is how you do dental practice management because this is how it’s always been done.

We’re made to think it’s radical to think of a dental practice as a business. As a result, we don’t look at what makes other businesses take off and become successful. And we certainly don’t introduce best practices from other businesses into our practice.

As a result, our practices wither. That’s because our practices are businesses and our businesses aren’t getting what they need to thrive.

Not anymore.

The path to freedom

Follow a proven blueprint for high-performing dental practices

Why follow a recipe for overwork when you could join a community of freedom-loving dentists following the blueprint for a flourishing practice?

Adaptable frameworks

We’re here to help you build your ideal practice and help eliminate dysfunctional processes and tools so you and your team can focus on quality improvement of dental care for the patients you love, not watch you struggle to meet some theoretical ideal of success that doesn’t fit you. That’s why our frameworks adapt to your goals.

Real-world systems

Put your practice on rails. Our systems make life easier, instead of making staff roll their eyes. Everything we lay out for you has been tested and refined in a working dental practice.

These are systems that build high-performing practices run by high-performing teams, and we’ve helped hundreds of practices with the exact system we’re about to teach you.

Absolute best practice

Whether it’s a sales technique, a marketing funnel or a way to manage your team, it doesn’t have to be invented in dentistry to work in dentistry.

Our team is constantly looking at the business world outside dentistry for approaches that will sharpen your edge. We take the guesswork out of growing your business, and give you the training you need.

Cutting-edge practice coaching

Wherever your practice needs support, our practice facilitators or coaches have the real-world knowledge and experience to lift you up.

Your practice coach will hold you accountable as you take strides towards building the practice you dreamed of, getting you there faster than you imagined possible.

PracticeMax Mastermind | Practice Coaching to Scale

Are you ready to scale your practice

The PracticeMax Mastermind is Savvy Dentist’s high-performance practice coaching for dental practice owners. If your profits aren’t where you want them, following Savvy Dentist’s dental practice coaching program helps scale your dental practice. If you’re already on the road to peak profit levels, we help you get there faster.

We are taking applications from results-oriented dentists who are ready to build a dental practice that delivers them financial freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of time.

Are you:

If that’s you, then we invite you to apply now.

Savvy Dentist Founder

Jesse founded Savvy Dentist to give other dentists the perspectives, shortcuts, tools and practice coaching that he wished he’d had when building his first practice.

Today, Jesse continues to use his own dental practice to test every idea, systems for dentists and tools to ensure everything Savvy Dentist offers is proven to work in dentistry.


Meet Our Dental Practice Management Community

Membership of Savvy Dentist gives you access to a community of high-performing dentists working to build practices that transcend the traditional model of dental practice management. You’ll be part of an ambitious community growing their businesses and wanting to become the very best.

We started working with Dr Green 10 months ago, and in this short time we have seen our revenue triple and our team and practice grow to a level where we can be confident of our future growth strategies.

Dr. Garreth McBride

The Good Dentist

Jesse is personable beyond your expectation and his knowledge depth of the business of Dentistry is unfathomable. He is a great gentleman who lives his talk and encourages others to do the same.

Dr. Mark Miller


In the last 12 months, I’ve managed to double my practice profit while reducing my clinical days. I currently only work 3 clinical days a week and spend 1 day working on the business.

Dr. M.


I’ve never earned so much and worked so little. Practice Max is brilliant!

Dr G.


Before working with Jesse, I worked over 180 days a year and my profit was $350,000. Since working with Jesse, I now work just 65 days a year and take home over $1 million.

Dr A.


I have been able to increase my profit by over $150,000, structure my clinical days to provide for more family time and have been able to bring on another part time provider.

Dr. Tom Te Kloot

Gold Coast

Freedom is yours for the taking

Are you ready to achieve great things in your practice?