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So many dental practices are leaking patients and profits without even realising it. Make sure you’re not one of them by getting your copy of Retention! The bestselling guide to building an enduring dental business using cutting-edge marketing practices and crucial growth strategies.

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Immediately actionable advice on growing your profits from your most valuable asset: existing patients.

Readers Say

Savvy Readers

Action-orientated dentists took Retention! to the top of the Amazon bestseller list. Here’s what they had to say…

One of the best client retention books I have read in a very long time

Great book and a must read for anyone in the recurring services business. Jesse outlines practical but common sense approaches on retaining your existing customers who become your best word of mouth sponsors. Its not just for dental practices 🙂

Dallas Kelso

A great book sharing some secrets of highly rewarding practice

An excellent, well written book with some golden advice. With these strategies and straightforward, practical approaches, your clinical and administrative teams should be able to improve patient retention, and improve, maintain or rekindle the engagement with your clients. Applicable for any country. Easy reading for busy people. Great!

Andrew Draper

Putting client care back on the marketing agenda

Marketing by looking after the clients you already have. It sounds so obvious, but it certainly got me thinking about how our business might shift focus from trying to reach new clients, to directing energy at retaining the clients we already have as a marketing initiative in itself. A happy client comes back, and also refers new business.

Gabrielle Sullivan

Compulsory reading for anyone serious about running an exceptional dental practice

This is a truly exceptional book. The central tenet of this book is that while it is tempting to focus on “sexy” metrics like the number of new patients in a given period, in doing so you are overlooking the fact that it is far more important and cost effective to retain and look after your existing patient base.


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