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In this episode, I’m joined by Damion Lupo to discuss how we as dental practice owners can work towards greater financial freedom.

Damion Lupo is a financial mentor to Transformation Nation. He is a best selling author in personal finance who focuses on rewriting the rules and plan for retirement. His mission is to free 1 million people from financial bondage.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 7:17: How big changes in fortune can force us to examine what is true
  • 8:27: The importance of uncovering your mission and your vision
  • 15:20: The importance of understanding your numbers, especially your bottom line.
  • 17:03: What causes us to have such dismal bottom lines in our business
  • 18:43: How to build the foundations of your wealth in a dental practice
  • 20:45: Why you should invest in your own education and financial literacy first
  • 24:46: Tips for how to pay greater attention in your life
  • 32.36: And whether anyone can anyone reinvent their life

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