In this episode, I’m joined by peak performance coach and communication expert Rik Rushton to share with us his tips for improving your team, your mindset and your business through the power of communication.

Rik Rushton is a “time tested” Peak Performance Coach, Platform Speaker, Conference Emcee and Trusted Advisor to many of the leading brands, organisations and professional sports teams throughout Australasia.

From the boardroom to the training room, Rik’s success drivers in both business and personal pursuits have been shared with more than 50,000 people from more than 1,500 empowering presentations.

Since 1995, Rik has been a regular visitor to the USA leaving American audiences inspired, motivated and educated! Whether it’s an intimate gathering of 5 Key People or a major conference Audience of 5,000, Rik offers his very best ideas, tips and strategies for enhanced performance through the “High 5” Pillars of Success!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 02:12: Why connection is so important
  • 04:21: How to build connection, especially with people different from ourselves
  • 07:55: The art of maintaining connections
  • 11:25: Tips for becoming a master communicator to yourself (and why that matters)
  • 20:52: Secrets for creating high performing teams
  • 26:04: Why the most important asset in your practice is P&L – People and Leverage
  • 27:42: How to have difficult conversations about team members not adhering to the business’ values
  • 29:18: Tips for creating a desirable team environment that attracts and retains the best staff
  • 33:41: How to rebuild after culture breakdown
  • 36:53: Why focusing on winning heart-share will lead to market share
  • 40:29: How energy and marketing are linked
  • And more

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