In this two part series, I’m focusing on sharing with you how practice owners can transition from an operator style practice to true business ownership. So you can create more time and more freedom and become unshackled from your business.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • 06:13: Why scaling is like changing gear
  • 07:55: The 4 different types of practices
  • 13:01: Why you need to learn to relinquish some control to move from profitable to scaleable
  • 13:43: Scaling vs leverage – what’s the difference
  • 14:39: A scaling case study
  • 18:43: Why you need to uncover your own why before you start the transition process
  • 21:13: Choosing the right business model for you and your personal goals
  • 22:38: The scaling framework
  • 23:53: Why you need to focus on building assets in your business
  • 25:12: The power of operational systems
  • 27:34: When you need frameworks instead of operating systems
  • 30:44: Process of employing people
  • 32:11: How to work out what IP assets you need to build for your business