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In this episode, Kurek Ashley joins us to talk about how to create a better life for yourself. Kurek is world-known author, in-demand speaker, and coach, teaching private individuals and companies which have produced awe-inspiring results. He is recognised as one of the premier experts in personal and professional development, self-discovery and peak performance.


In this episode we discuss:  


  • 02:20: Kurek’s story of how he got into the business of helping business owners and entrepreneurs create an abundant life.
  • 05:03: IIs distraction a key thing that is seen regularly. Are people generally distracted and experience difficulties in focusing?
  • 07:34: How can you focus longer and intently in a practical sense?
  • 12:09: Key reflections after his accident and how he managed to maintain his awareness of personal growth and self-development while he was going through the grieving process and how he got himself outside this space.
  • 17:20: The biggest decision Kurek has made because of his accident.
  • 20:17: Do people continue to engage in unhealthy habits and relationships because it serves them?
  • 24:48: Learnings from the conversation and the importance of having the support of others.
  • 30:52: The importance of having mastermind groups and forward movement momentum.
  • 32:18: Learning how to acknowledge fear and move past it while remaining safe in the process.
  • 38:26: The most interesting thing he has observed about human life.
  • 41:40: Kurek’s Free 10-day course called “Get out of your bad mood.”


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