In this solo episode, we are going to talk about how to have a productive associate in your practice. This is designed for both the business owner and associate where I will give tips on building your appointment book, generating revenue, creating pleasant experiences for clients, getting more referrals, and more to help grow your business.


In this episode we discuss:  

  • 01:44: Helping dentists scale their business to a true business.
  • 02:41: Building a team and having an associate/s.
  • 03:00: Having an associate that is busy and productive while making a living from what they love.
  • 04:20: Key points to look for when hiring an associate.
  • 05:13: Key things that Jesse has learned from being an owner and associate.
  • 05:35: For associates – Developing 2 skills outside clinical competence.
  • 06:35: 1st Core Competency: Building an appointment book.
  • 18:00: 2nd Core Competency: Generating Revenue.
  • 20:47: 3 Ways to increase revenue.
  • 23:25: Mentoring.
  • 24:53: Principal dentists handing patients over to associates.


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