Do you want a company and a team that self-manages? My guest today is someone who is intimately familiar with that. Shannon Waller is an Entrepreneurial Team Strategist and a Director at Strategic Coach. They help entrepreneurs create freedom in life.  We touch on so many interesting things in this conversation including building a self-managing team and company, practical steps you need to take, hiring the right people for the right roles, the mindset you need to have and so much more. Shannon’s insights and knowledge will definitely give you clarity and focus to take your practice to the next level, create a self-managing company, and have the freedom you want as a business owner.   


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:01] Shannon shares her story of becoming an Entrepreneurial Team Strategist.
  • [05:48] Understanding the concept of a self-managing company.
  • [10:13] The mindset you need to take and practical steps you can implement if you are not experienced in having freedom in your life.
  • [14:11] Having clarity in wanting what you want.
  • [20:40] The look and feeling of being in your unique ability and creating a team that’s operating in that space.
  • [26:24] Expounding on the concept of “enough”
  • [29:00] Having a unique ability and self-managing team.
  • [32:50] How to build a self-managing team around you.
  • [38:32] What happens when business owners experience freedom of time.


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