Stories that connect with and touch your audience are the ones that are most remembered. This is why brand storytelling should be a part of any business. Gabrielle Dolan, speaker and author of Magnetic Stories (and five other books!), joins us on the podcast today to share more about storytelling. She takes us back to the basics of understanding what a brand and story are and then indulges us in a deeper understanding of the stories we can share, how we can share it, and the process of implementing it in our business. If you want to start or improve your business’ brand storytelling, this is one episode you’ll want to listen to. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:14] The impetus behind writing her book, Magnetic Stories.
  • [05:02] Understanding what brand storytelling is.
  • [06:20] What is a brand?
  • [08:15] Remembering the great brand story of Barbie.
  • [13:27] The elements of a story.
  • [15:25] Five types of stories you can tell.
  • [18:52] Knowing where you need to share your brand stories.
  • [24:58] Creating and sharing genuine and authentic stories.
  • [26:12] The process of implementing storytelling into your business.
  • [29:21] Learning how to collect your stories.
  • [37:29] Advice from Gabrielle around brand storytelling.


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