Nothing spells complete and utter drive and determination more than Rhonda Kalasho. Rhonda is a celebrity dentist based in Hollywood. She moved from Baghdad, under very difficult circumstances as a child. Rhonda and I talk about her biggest life transition moving to the United States, building her business, and how she made it thrive. It’s a story full of inspiration, success, courage and belief in the fact that you can do it. Join us to get easy tips you can implement in your practice today so you can be successful too. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:50] Rhonda’s inspiring backstory on immigrating to and growing in the United States. 
  • [10:01] The most important lesson she learned from her past. 
  • [16:32] Establishing her practice and setting it apart from the rest. 
  • [21:18] Sharing her vision and how she runs her business. 
  • [27:00] Her influences for creating and running the practice. 
  • [32:23] The mistakes she made and the steps she made to correct it. 
  • [35:35] The technology present in their practice. 
  • [41:38] Her grand plans for the future of her business. 


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