Compliance around infection control is such an important topic for dentists and practice owners. In this episode, we have Sue Sandles of Practice Base Solutions, who has a deep history in the profession. Sue’s expertise and passion lies in helping teams become the very best they can be in the space of infection control. We talk about common mistakes, new requirements, and standards around infection control. We also dive into specifics in particular disciplines in dentistry and practical tips that can be implemented in your practice today.         


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:45] Sue shares her experience during COVID. 
  • [09:38] The protocols and precautions during COVID that might become permanent. 
  • [11:52] New guidelines and standards that will be published or have just been published that we need to be aware of. 
  • [15:27] Most common things that are overlooked even by well-intentioned practice owners 
  • [18:05] Things that make people become unstuck. 
  • [19:47] Reasonable turnaround times in rooms. 
  • [21:04] Infection control protocols in endodontics. 
  • [23:09] Sue’s thoughts around fee setting.  
  • [27:53] Things that have surprised Sue around surgical infection control.  
  • [34:19] Sue’s suggestions for best practices in infection control. 


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