Culture plays a major role in having a high-performance, self managing team to help you grow and scale your business. In this episode I’ve invited an expert on this topic, Tristan White, who is the author of the book Culture is Everything. His book is based on life experiences and academic theory of his own business Physio Co where he is the founder and CEO. Learn how he made his business rank as one of Australia’s best places to work for 11 consecutive years in this conversation. He shares how we can create a culture by design, how we can have an empathy and accountability continuum and so much more. If you want to lead and build your team more effectively, we have wonderful tips for you in this episode.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:57] The big role of culture in winning his business awards.
  • [05:18] His rationale behind working in the aged care sector.
  • [07:52] Challenges of growing a business in an ugly-duckling sector.
  • [10:09] The growth of his business.
  • [11:50] Tristan’s definition of workplace culture.
  • [13:42] Creating culture with intention.
  • [16:13] Steps for creating a thriving culture.
  • [21:11] How big companies can maintain culture under the pressure of growth.
  • [23:59] The problem of dealing with team members who are not a culture fit.
  • [30:58] Not being a character fit doesn’t equal to being a bad person.
  • [33:50] Finding the right balance from choosing between being empathetic and accountable.
  • [36:42] How we can get better as leaders.
  • [38:58] The challenge of having the team commit to the culture.


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