One necessary topic that we need to discuss today is on toxic workplaces. My guest, Peter Economy, is the leadership guy at, a Wall Street Journal best-selling ghostwriter, and author of more than 120 books which have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. 2 of the books he wrote on the topic includes What, I’m working with who? and Wait, I’m the boss!  We talk about toxicity, how to identify it, who’s exhibiting behaviours like these and what we need to do as leaders of the business. He also shares leadership qualities that can contribute to growth.  


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:49] The impetus for writing his book What, I’m working with who? 
  • [04:47] How to identify a toxic workplace. 
  • [05:57] Effects of toxicity in the workplace. 
  • [09:12] Examining yourself as a leader to identify whether you are contributing to the toxicity. 
  • [11:51] Relationship between toxicity and culture. 
  • [14:18] Can jerks become A-players? 
  • [16:53] Initiating conversation with toxic team members. 
  • [20:42] Leadership qualities that contribute to growth. 
  • [23:42] Developing resilience as a person. 
  • [25:03] Things that have surprised Peter over the years about leadership. 
  • [26:55] Best characteristics of great leaders. 
  • [30:04] An example of a leader who is a role model. 
  • [34:27] Pearls of wisdom according to Peter. 


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