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Developing and growing your leadership capabilities is such an important topic we need to discuss. Today, we are looking at it through the lens of running a dental practice with leadership expert Sally Foley-Lewis. Sally is a global professional speaker, author, CEO, and coach. We are going to share how leadership starts with you, how to understand self-leadership, grow your team, develop other leaders, and give you tools and tactics to become more effective and productive in your role. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:56] The impetus that led her to think about working on leadership and productivity. 
  • [06:23] How workplace loneliness is a common thing. 
  • [08:32] The struggle to delegate things to team members. 
  • [12:24] Handling delegations in your business. 
  • [14:59] Secrets you need to know to learn how to delegate. 
  • [18:49] Falling into the busy trap. 
  • [21:17] Tips on growing your business.  
  • [23:57] The importance of self-leadership and why it comes before leading others. 
  • [27:36] Creating the space for our team to give us reflective feedback. 
  • [31:50] Outcomes of incremental changes she sees in the coaching she does. 
  • [34:35] Basics for setting and maintaining reasonable boundaries. 
  • [39:00] Practising productivity when you have freed up your time.  
  • [46:27] The correlation between productivity and the amount of holidays people take. 
  • [49:15] Observations on leadership through the COVID pandemic. 
  • [54:10] Essential elements of building a leadership team. 
  • [59:09] Key takeaways from Sally.


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