Emotional intelligence is a phrase we commonly use but do we really understand it enough to apply and get the most out of it on ourselves and others? In this episode, best-selling author Christopher Connors joins us to talk about practical and thoughtful stuff that can lead to becoming emotionally intelligent. He wrote the books Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader and The Value of You. We discuss what emotional intelligence is and if it can be learned; skills that leaders need to master to have thriving teams and great relationships with our family, clients and team; practices to engage yourself in self-awareness and self-regulation; and a lot more in between. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [04:32] The message he wanted to share to the world through his books.
  • [06:41] The definition of emotional intelligence and EQ.
  • [09:36] Things to look out for in human to human interactions
  • [13:23] How to become a better listener.
  • [16:44] Balancing EQ and decision making.
  • [19:33] Things that surprise him most about EQ and emotional intelligence.
  • [24:25] What Sara Blakely of Spanx manifests so well to succeed.
  • [31:06] Recognizing self-management especially in our responses.
  • [35:04] Removing yourself from situations from time to time.
  • [39:15] What led Chris to this line of work.
  • [44:44] Key thoughts from Chris.


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