Turning customers into long-term and loyal patients are the keys to sustainable growth in your practice. We all know that customer experience plays a crucial role in keeping your customers. In this episode, Ali Cudby, author of the #1 bestselling book, Keep Your Customers, joins us to talk about all things customer retention and growth. Ali runs Alignmint Growth Strategies and is a professor of entrepreneurship at Purdue University. From engineering customer experience, systemising and humanising it, the value of understanding patient retention and how it impacts growth and patient experience, Ali is the expert to ask. I tell you, if you apply what you learn here to your practice, it’s going to skyrocket your growth and give you a sustainable business. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:36] Getting to know Ali.
  • [04:47] What led her to work around customer retention.
  • [07:12] Why every industry thinks having more customers will get them more sales.
  • [09:32] Reasons why people reject customer retention.
  • [11:20] Customer connection and retention in the environment of dentistry.
  • [15:38] The boundary between systemisation and humanisation of the retention process experience.
  • [17:28] Looking at touchpoints before, during and after a client’s visit.
  • [20:27] Things to think about when designing touch points in your business.
  • [23:34] Advice for practice owners to help them and their team stick to systems.
  • [30:47] Results you can expect when you execute a retention strategy well.
  • [34:30] Her thoughts on lifetime customer value versus a 3- or 5-year value.
  • [36:05] Mapping out the lifetime value of your clients.
  • [38:58] Retention versus attracting new business.
  • [46:14] Key takeaways from Ali. 


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