In this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I’ve invited Martin Moore to talk about leadership from a very practical point of view. Leadership that achieves outcomes to move our businesses forward. Martin is a leader, speaker, and author of the book No Bullshit Leadership. We talk about so much good stuff that you can implement in your practice like delegating without micromanaging, having the right level of accountability and supervision so you are confident that things are getting done, creating a culture of accountability to make people aware of the results that need to be achieved, creating empowerment within the team and so much more. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • 03:28] The definition of leadership.
  • [06:49] How the fundamental principles of leadership remain constant and stable.
  • [08:33] Getting the best out of people without sitting on their shoulders.
  • [11:39] Keeping the momentum and engaging the team.
  • [13:22] Creating a culture of accountability in your business.
  • [16:39] Sharing insights around his experience on leadership.
  • [19:03] The appropriate level of communication so that your message is heard loud and clear.
  • [21:05] Effective strategies to help develop other people’s leadership skills.
  • [25:42] Implementing accountability among team members.
  • [30:10] Emotional journey that a leader needs to go through.
  • [38:50] What prompted him to write his book, No Bullshit Leadership.
  • [42:51] The coexistence of results and being virtuous.
  • [47:53] Rewards and outcomes of going through the journey of becoming a leader and helping others become one. 


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