The growth of a business is directly correlated to the growth of its leaders. An important part of this is having a mindset that will drive business growth which is what Julia Pimsleur and I will talk about today. Julia has grown, scaled, and sold businesses of her own and is a total expert when it comes to mindset. She’s authored several books including Go Big Now and Million Dollar Women. We are going to talk about essential practices you must adopt and embrace in order to grow as a business owner. We aim to help you get your mindset right and provide the foundation for future growth and scaling to have a business that will give you time and financial freedom.  


In this episode we discuss:

  • [05:02] What scuba diving has taught Julia about life and business. 
  • [08:22] The impetus behind writing her book Go Big Now. 
  • [09:36] Understanding how you get a resilient mindset. 
  • [13:15] Creating the practice of minding the gap. 
  • [19:26] The process of working on your mindset. 
  • [23:53] Creating realistic expectations in the context of being compassionate. 
  • [27:32] Competing commitments and self-sabotage. 
  • [29:28] Knowing when to push and surrender. 
  • [33:43] Struggles female entrepreneurs encounter and things that they want men to understand more. 
  • [36:09] Women juggling personal and business life. 
  • [39:00] Letting go of things the guilt free way. 
  • [40:52] The concept of fixing your teeth is like fixing your business. 


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