How does technology change the way we practice dentistry? Today’s episode sparked my creativity as Dr Padma Gadiyar, founder of tech company shares with us the future trends in the dental industry. The big question is: Is there a faster way to collect patient data, provide recommendations, engage the public and most of all, reach out to a wider audience? That’s a win-win situation, right? Tune in to find out how has addressed the stakeholders’ needs and improve our overall experience.


In this episode we cover:

  • [2:38] How Dr Padma’s curiosity and keen eye on market trends landed her a business that integrates dentistry and technology
  • [5:26] Dr Padma identifies key trends that can impact our profession and the healthcare industry
  • [7:53] The role that data and hyper-personalization play despite meeting our patients once or twice a year only
  • [9:47] The monitoring activities that companies are doing to track the purchasing habits of oral care products and the future of usage and behaviour monitoring
  • [10:51] Using patients’ oral health insights as data to be used in improving the experience of patients, practitioners, insurance companies and product companies
  • [11:55] Pre-diagnostic and early identification using data and technology as a way to come up with a personalized treatment approach
  • [15:20] The smartphone as our digital twin in the future
  • [17:30] Dr Padma talks about’s value proposition to improve multiple stakeholders’ experience
  • [20:32] How helps dentists collect patient information in advance and come up with recommendations
  • [21:51] What data says about growing the dental pie by knowing what the population needs
  • [23:54] Should dental workers be worried about their jobs being replaced by technology?
  • [26:31] Dr Padma’s advice for entrepreneurs who might be experiencing the ups and downs of the business
  • [29:25] Dr Padma’s advice for dental practitioners about embracing new technology


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