Every practice owner has a goal of building and leading a dream team that will help us turn our vision into reality. But what does it really take to have driven and culture fit team members?

In this episode, Dr. Becky Chen, dental practice owner and founder of Denteamology – a community for practice owners that are looking to lead their teams more effectively, joins us to talk about building great teams for our business. Find out why teaching and training is essential, understand the importance of performance management, and learn tips and tricks for accelerating your business through developing your leadership and team.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:36] Becky shares how optimising and growing teams became the focus of her practice.
  • [04:33] Becky talks about what she learned about herself through soul searching, her story growing up, and the pivotal moment she experience that made her realise that she wanted to work in this field.
  • [11:48] The reason why you, as a business owner, need to become a training organisation in conjunction with being a dental practice.
  • [14:19] Understanding why teaching and training your team is essential to become a great practice.
  • [15:32] Do you need to teach your team yourself or can you outsource it?
  • [17:43] The importance of performance management and having KPIs in your business.
  • [20:06] What to expect in the future of teamwork.
  • [23:11] Main challenges dentists face when leading a team.
  • [24:57] Tips on how to slowly let go of your clinical commitments.
  • [27:39] How the ability to let go can help your business accelerate.
  • [29:31] Learning how to overcome emotional challenges throughout your journey.
  • [33:07] 3 golden rules think about in developing your own teams and leadership.  


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