Today Joey Coleman, author of Never Lose a Customer Again, will let you in on the secret of how to gain happy and loyal clients for your business – and that’s customer experience. It’s something that many business owners hardly take notice of but don’t realise that it’s one of the simplest and powerful tools you can use in your practice to make your patients keep coming back for more. Learn how you can create remarkable and memorable experiences for your clients with us in today’s episode.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:18] Joey shares his eclectic career path from working as a lawyer to starting his own ad agency and becoming a customer experience speaker and writer.
  • [04:48] The impetus for writing his book, Never Lose a Customer Again, through his real-life experience with one of his clients.
  • [09:49] The analytical reason behind the 100-day breakpoint.
  • [13:40] Why business owners need to invest in customer experience.
  • [19:05] Understanding the 8 A Phases of customer experience to make a one-time customer become a long-time customer.
  • [27:07] Why you should never take your customers for granted.
  • [29:32] Retain your patients through the power of personal connections.
  • [33:23] How to identify your best patients and create world-class experiences for them.
  • [36:35] Start creating a baseline experience for your practice today with Joey’s tips.
  • [47:41] The things and people that give Joey inspiration.  


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