Do you currently have a practice, starting a new one or buying an existing one? Whichever boat you’re on, you’ll want to listen to this marketing strategy episode with Michelle Tayler of Marketing Practices. We talk about the essential elements of a marketing strategy, how you can create and communicate better with your ideal patient avatar, implement activities and tactics to build the dental practice that you envisioned and dreamed about, and so much more about marketing your dental practice.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:55] Michelle shares her journey to making her way into the world of marketing practices.
  • [07:16] 2 secrets to marketing that you need to learn about.
  • [08:58] Tips on how to research about and communicate better with your ideal patient avatar.
  • [13:45] How marketing strategies and tactics work together and how you can apply both to your brand and marketing.
  • [17:31] The importance of reviewing your marketing strategy and how its consistency can encourage people to buy.
  • [22:32] Top reasons why you need to be on top of your marketing strategy as a dental practice owner.
  • [25:10] Starting a new practice? Learn how you can market it before opening.
  • [27:27] Michelle shares how you can open a practice with a ready waitlist of patients.
  • [30:28] First steps you need to take in your pre-launch marketing.
  • [32:17] 2 things you need to think about before choosing your practice location.
  • [35:30] Find out how you can change people’s perceptions about a practice when you buy and take over an existing one.
  • [38:58] Learn more about pricing value in your practice.  


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