Starting his journey at 12 years old, you would have found Luca in one of his dad’s five practices, helping make dentures for extra pocket money. He officially started as a full-time dental technician at age 17, aspiring to eventually become a dental prosthetist.

After working five years in the family business, he realised there was a massive issue around managing stock and completing the ordering in his family practices, and started looking for a solution to the problem. With no solution available to the Australian market, Luca quit his job in the family business and started Invedent with the help of his co-founder Bailey Moore.

Invedent is now Australia’s leading dental ordering and stock management platform. It is a highly intuitive, innovative, all-in-one system that helps dental practices all over Australia streamline their processes. Luca’s passion for helping dental practices has led to an impressive 100% retention rate from practice sign-ups and partnerships with ADA branches across Australia.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [2:15] – What led Luca down the path to creating a stock management and ordering tool for dental practices?
  • [5:11 ] – What are the key things Luca sees that dental practices struggle with when it comes to stock management and the ordering process?
  • [9:27] – What is the best practice for addressing how we manage cash flow in regard to inventory levels?
  • [12:01] – If we know that the cause is ‘stock management’ … what are the ‘symptoms’ a practice owner might be experiencing?
  • [14:10] – If a practice is looking to expand, how can they plan or know how to anticipate the required stock levels after the expansion?
  • [15:46] – On average how many man hours per week are utilised in stock managing and ordering?
  • [24:08] – Interview ends.


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