Paul Mackiewicz is an Army Veteran and experienced marketing professional. He opened his digital marketing agency to provide professional service businesses with a trustworthy and knowledgeable team in their corner who live up to the values he learned in the military.

Before starting his company, Paul served in an executive role at two different INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the digital marketing industry. He was once a Golf Professional and small business owner, fueling his passion for fellow entrepreneurs and the struggles they face marketing their businesses today.

Paul truly enjoys offering up actionable tips that can be put into place right away to help small businesses grow. He specializes in helping medical professionals and others within the professional services space get their digital marketing efforts off the ground.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [8:45] – What have been the keys things throughout Paul’s various professional career that have enabled him to take into his growing Marketing Business?
  • [12:49] – What separates fast-growth companies and allows them to grow and scale-up, compared to those that don’t grow so quickly?
  • [16:17] – What is, the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’.
  • [22:02] – Behind a business … are ‘people’. What prevents business people from stepping outside the normal and revealing their true self in their marketing?
  • [28:16] – How Paul sees the interaction between online marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing?
  • [31:45] – The ability to retain long term patients comes back to relationship, Paul explains how that can be nurtured through our marketing?
  • [40:35] – Check out the marketing tool dashboard at Paul’s website –
  • [44:58] – Interview ends.


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