Running a practice is more than great dentistry. Today you need to lead and manage and know the difference between the two. Get this piece of the puzzle right and you’ll attract and retain the best people to help your business thrive …. (read more) 

In this episode Jesse is on a late night call to the UK to speak with the author of The Broken CEO (how to be the leader you always wanted to be) 
Chris Pearse has lived a rich life of leadership and knows leaders aren’t programmed by algorithms. Discover the important difference between management and leadership, what tools are at any leader’s disposal and why a pottery wheel will get you thinking when to push and when to offer a steady hand! 
Together, Chris and Jesse discuss the crucial role of emotions; why every leader needs them but how the great leaders use them to express themselves and inspire teams to do good things they didn’t think possible. 
Chris Pearse will show you how your best life as a leader will come from keeping your emotions under control and at your discretion. 
Time to discover more about this cozy relationship between leadership and management; get the balance right and you’re on your way to becoming the leader you always wanted to be. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2:57] – Leadership has many definitions, especially when compared to ‘management’. Chris explains useful ways of looking at, and understanding leadership, and how you can apply the characteristics within your business.
  • [7:02] – The particular behaviours that better and more insightful leaders display routinely. 
  • [8:46] – The greatest risk to your business is ‘you’. It’s not helpful to suppress our emotions when it comes to our leadership style. Realising that you are not – what you are feeling is the first step to understanding the mechanics of your mind.
  • [11:43] – Leadership is not about bottling things up inside and simply projecting a happy, caring, calm persona. When you feel agitated there are some helpful tips. Just be sure that you are doing the ’emotion’, and not the emotion doing you.
  • [13:53] – What are the differences between Leadership … and Management? The simple answer is that they are both necessary within your business. How they balance and work together is crucial.
  • [19:17] – Are you an Autocratic leader, or a democratic leader?
  • [21:32] – When we become aware of our leadership style, we can step up and remove any ego and foster better relationships and more efficiency within our business.
  • [27:40] – There’s no rush … if we can focus on the process and less on the outcome, the leadership balance will be an enjoyable journey.
  • [31:10] – Be sure to pick up a copy of Chris’s book – The Broken CEO: How To Be The Leader You Always Wanted To Be
  • [36:28] – Interview ends.


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