PR is tricky but a crucial element of your marketing strategy to grow your business and keep it top of mind. Too many of us think the media’s role is to promote your business; it’s not. PR is a partnership acutely tuned to the type of media you target to get your message across.

Think about content like never before.

Meet PR guru with over 25yrs experience Larissa Banting. Jesse taps into Larissa’s remarkable knowledge working with key brands to stand out and become profitable.

Discover the difference between earned and paid media, why you’re already an expert in your niche and how to get that message across. Larissa knows that planting your flag in a position with authority will be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your practice.

This episode will give you the momentum you need to face the market with knowledge you already possess but perhaps haven’t thought about straightening it up to give your clients the clarity they crave.

Strap yourselves in, get ready to take notes, this episode could change the way you view your practice by getting featured, famous and profitable!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [3:10] – What is PR and what it isn’t?
  • [8:02] – Earned media vs. paid media
  • [10:01] – Who is your audience and what is your message? 
  • [12:46] – How to approach the media?
  • [14:56] – Become a partner with the media and make it easy for them
  • [20:09] – Why hyper niche is a great thing
  • [22:22] – What’s the first step, and where to find that low hanging fruit?
  • [26:00] – Why you need to plant your flag and own a position

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