If you want to think bigger, then this episode is one you simply cannot miss. Jesse has helped many dentists just like you to become successful business owners who earn more, work less and straighten up that work life balance. 

It might be that your dream is to own multiple practices or a super clinic offering multiple services under the one roof. Whatever your strategy, let Jesse boost your financial and leadership potential. 

This episode runs less than 20 minutes but could well be the best investment in time you’ll make this year. Lean in as Jesse gives you a snapshot of the potential of your practice, then book a Practice Growth call to talk more about how to move powerfully into a growth phase.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [4:29] Why you need to step back to scale up 
  • [6:35] Scaling up is a predictable strategy but it won’t happen overnight 
  • [9:16] – Why you’ll never scale up successfully without the right people in the right roles 
  • [15:09] – Scaling up is not just about getting bigger,  but better in your leadership qualities

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