Stop! We’ve been doing it all wrong.
How long have you been struggling with that work life balance and never got it quite right? Great news; according to Jesse’s guest work life balance is a myth.
Ted Talker and author Dan Bruder reckons we’re making a mistake making it binary because finding harmony only flows when we admit we’re one person with one life.
This episode redefines how we look at our own work, the work of your team and your customers.
Dan is co-founder of Blendification which will take a new way of thinking but if you’re up for it you can be that positive force in business and your community. 
Stop chasing and start blending one person, one life – time to meet Dan Bruder. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • [8:12] – Sometimes we see the relationship between work and life as different. Dan points out that if you want to accomplish something significant in your life, more than not, you’ll need to do it through your work.
  • [12:59] – How do we begin that thought process of ‘blending’ work and life?
  • [16:11] – The best way to run a business is through an agile process. Change is inevitable both in business, and in our lives. That same methodology can be assigned to our personal lives.
  • [21:35] – A shameless plug for Dan’s book – and how he came to writing and documenting his life work.
  • [26:40] – When we figure out our own life goals, we can figure out our business goals. However we can also apply the same process to our team and help them to achieve their own goals.
  • [28:56] – What sort of transformation happens in your business when you begin to apply this focus on your team?
  • [30:38] – The tension that typically exists is that if you give up your ‘chair-time’ to focus on your team and their individual work-life balance, revenue will drop. However this is a myth according to Dan.
  • [37:35] – “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”


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