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Episode highlights:

Any leader should be prepared for the battle of business. It’s not easy.

Being at your best to the role each day can be one of the biggest hurdles as a business owner. Bring it and watch your team thrive – but lose it and watch the momentum of your business fall away.
In this episode, Jesse talks with former SAS team Commander Harry Moffitt who, recently retired after nearly 30 years of military service, is now the SAS Director of High-Performance.
A registered psychologist, he is now the CEO of Stotan Group – a human performance consultancy – as well as a Director for the Mission Critical Teams Institute.
Harry will demand you sacrifice something for high performance because if you don’t it’s not high performance you’re just doing what everyone else is. So if you’re ready to move ahead of the pack and step up to the next level,  then take a deep breath and hit play.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [13:33] – Facing fear and what to do
  • [14:00] – Breathe to make better decisions
  • [18:28] – The really good ones are doing the work when others aren’t
  • [20:20] – What are you prepared to sacrifice to reach high performance
  • [23:24] – Stoicism creates momentum for happiness
  • [25:40] – Open your life to self discover

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