Episode highlights:

Getting out of your comfort zone is easier said than done. Sounds exciting but in reality it’s really (really) tough because of the habits you’re accustomed to. Step out from those habits and they won’t be happy! They’ll try and drag you back to what you know, what is safe.

Creating that vision is one thing but bringing that clarity into the day in day out takes courage. The great news is it’s all within you. Yes you have the answers but it’s time to think differently.

Tim Castle is a Sales and Negotiation Coach, Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur. His motto is ‘believe it is possible’ and his books have transformed thousands of lives around the world, helping people find their purpose, understand how to integrate high performance into their daily lives and become the best version of themselves.
In this episode we discuss:
  • [9:02] – Start with the big vision and get uncomfortable chasing it
  • [11:20] – Bring the vision (the future) into the present
  • [13:40] – Let go and fall in love again
  • [15:40] – Be willing to fail but visualise the big win
  • [16:20] – Developing your instincts and trusting them
  • [17:45] – Use that discipline of the negative voice to find new strengths
  • [19:11] – What makes a good decision
  • [21:40] – Look at it from many different lenses
  • [33:00] – Awareness to being anchor

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