Episode highlights:

Every business – dentistry included – needs to stay focused on sales.

Your practice isn’t a charity, and in order to grow and turn a profit you’ll need to work out who you want to attract and how to keep them doing business with you.

Brittany Baldwin has a simple philosophy on selling; the biggest sale is the one you’ll make to yourself. Brittany is not a natural born salesperson but has learnt and taught the art via her signature 8 step approach to reclaim time and increase confidence.

Remarkably simple, Brittany believes that great customer service is at the core of any successful business.

Time to think differently about selling and instead offer the right solutions at the right time for your loyal clients.

In this episode we discuss:
  • [11:30] – Marketing gets your clients to the door, sales walks them through.
  • [13:00] – Repeat business and why an efficient, consistent follow up system is crucial.
  • [19:25] – Knowing your client well can turn into repeat business. Make it a good experience.
  • [22:13] – Customer service generally today is poor. Make your business stand out by doing the basics well.
  • [25:16] – How to handle objections from clients by preparing for them.


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