Episode highlights:

From a dental practice owners point of view, it could appear that there is a staff shortage and a lot of challenges when it comes to recruiting staff, much less looking to up-scale and grow your dental practice.

In today’s episode, Dr. Jesse shares some great tips on hiring, marketing for the right candidates, and most importantly, screening applicants and the interview process. That’s right, the word, ‘process’ is key to making the recruitment of new people a win-win result for you, AND the applicant.


In this episode we discuss:
  • [2:19] – ‘The Great Resignation’ … how to capture your new staff member.
  • [3:28] – The principles of marketing apply just as much to your recruitment, as they do to you acquiring new clients and revenue.
  • [3:58] – The 5 key elements to recruiting great staff, anytime … Everytime!
  • [11:36] – Entering the conversation that is already going on in your new applicants head.
  • [13:12] – Make your recruitment ad sparkle. No more ‘vanilla’.
  • [15:45] – Great applicants will have ‘options’ … how you can get magnetic in the interview process.


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