Episode Highlights:

This episode of The Savvy Dentist will change the way you think about productivity. What if you could boost performance from within by asking one simple question; what are our unwritten ground rules? (UGR’s) 

Steve Simpson redefines what really matters inside your workplace. How to clarify it, define it and commit to fixing it. 

As a leader you might be great at what you do but have no idea of the rules or social norms that define your culture and the people who live it. It might be the very thing holding you back from massive success and preventing you from attracting and keeping key staff. 

Time to talk about culture because culture defines performance. Give yourself the time to absorb this very important episode. Here’s Steve Simpson.


In this episode we discuss:
  • [5:20] – UGR’s what are they? 
  • [8:20] – Perception vs. reality 
  • [10:30] – Fighting for something better 
  • [15:02] – The power of the UGR 
  • [26:12] – Getting clarity and commitment


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