Episode Highlights:

If you want your business to thrive—without having to do and think of everything yourself, this episode contains all you need to know to create a winning team that will up-level your business results and set you up for continued success.

You will hear team-driven solutions that will kick your business into gear and deliver real results.

If you’re a leader who feels like you just aren’t good with people. You will finally understand what’s blocking your success and how to become the kind of leader who team members want to go above and beyond for.

Annie Hyman Pratt’s mastery is developing leaders, teams and infrastructure that drives business growth … So we, as entrepreneurs, can do the strategic and creative parts while also having the time, freedom, and positive impact on our business.

Whatever challenges you may be facing in your business, Annie has likely already seen them—and solved them.

This is how you do the People Side of Business!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [6:26] – Sometimes we have a love-hate relationship with our team in that we LOVE our team, but sometimes we hate managing them. To get where you wanna go … you need people.  
  • [10:17] – When and how to evaluate how we’re doing leadership, and how we’re building teams, and how we’re doing ‘The People Part’. How are you going with the people part?
  • [13:20] – These are the different levels of leadership and it starts with ‘self-leadership’. This is the most important foundation for you to master to build a successful team within your practice.
  • [23:25] –  These are the 7 different types of agreements. How we set situational intentions. An agreement is not a promise.
  • [31:47] – Why to build leaders within your practice. As you are adding functions within your practice, you can develop leaders to manage those functions so you do not have to. A leader is someone who can be trusted to deliver the results.
  • [35:41] – Here are the benefits to you if you get the People Part of your practice right.
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