John Reid is the Founder, President and Lead Designer of JMReid Group, a global behavior change organization specialising in leadership, development, sales effectiveness and skill enhancement.

After John survived three bouts of cancer, he decided to pursue his passion for learning and development with a belief that people want to get better and can get better, but it is often the manner in which traditional training is designed and delivered that makes this desire for growth difficult.

John is the author of Moving from Models to Mindsets: Rethinking the Sales Conversation and, The Five Lost Superpowers.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [7:13] – Curiosity is a lost ‘superpower’ according to John. He explains how your curiosity can be applied in your practice and why it’s OK to be wrong sometimes.
  • [11:13] – Having an attachment to being ‘right’ all the time can be an ‘ability bias’ that causes more stress in your business than necessary.
  • [13:20] – How well we make decisions, impacts our outcomes in our practice. So do you go with your ‘gut’ … or not go with your gut? Even when we’re wrong, we tell ourselves we’re right. Asking questions and being curious truly is a ‘superpower’ for you.
  • [19:55] – Let’s talk about accountability.
  • [25:15] – Does your team want to be heard? Or do they want to be understood? John breaks down how your leadership can explore the accountability of your team.
  • [28:36] – As Dentist’s we are schooled to be ‘right’ most of the time, however in business, things are murky, we aren’t always ‘right’. Leadership, to do it well, is about being ok that we may not be right. So what are you about? And are you modeling these attributes?
  • [36:05] – Can we change our identity from (for example) I was a command and control kinda person, and now I want to be a more entrepreneurial type of person?
  • [40:21] – So if ‘curiosity’ is one of the 5 superpowers … what are the other 4 and how can you utilise them everyday in your practice?


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